Will Narendra Modi be declared as BJP’s PM candidate soon?

Its a rare situation for a political party like BJP, who got caught itself between the ambitious leaders and enthusiast cadre, and subsequently delaying the things beyond acceptable levels. But in a true sense there should be no dilemma as the party can not afford for this. Every one related with are concerned about this. The top RSS leaders are following all these matter very closely. In this connection close door meetings are going on and on the same line Bhaiyyaji Joshi met senior BJP leader LK Advani on Sunday night. He also met some other top party leaders. Given the fact that there is a urgent need to clear the clouds about the naming Mr. Modi as the PM candidate for the forthcoming Lok Sabha poll, to continue the momentum going.

The nation is eagerly waiting the moment and the majority had already made their minds towards Mr. Modi, as he is the only person seems capable of ending the congress mis-rule. The Indian public is horrified for inconvenience caused by steep hike in fuel prices and the daily household budget are stretched up to breaking point.

Every one in the ruling party is also seems convinced towards the prospect of Mr. Modi becoming the PM of India as each one has engaged themselves for maximum benefits from this government. The missing coal allocation files are appropriate example for this. It seems that  files representing a select group of Congress MPs had got missing.

This all should stop immediate, as the country should not be make witness for the ill deeds of ruling party any more. The BJP should keep its leaders aspiration aside and provide opportunity to the Indians to select a strong and vibrant leader like Mr. Modi, and Mr. Narendra Modi be immediately declared as BJP’s PM Candidate.


Author: Pavit Tripathi

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  1. Dear Modi Sir, We Indian are very much eager to witness the cherished moment when you take responsibility of this country and take our beloved nation to new heights.

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