Volunteer for India272+ : Android App supporting Narendra Modi Mission

Bridging the gap further between him and his supporters, Sri. Narendra Modi launched an Android App under name “India272+ Volunteer”. This App is currently available for download from Google Play Store and likely to be launched on other platforms.

This App is providing direct interaction with BJP’s Prime Minister candidate Sri. Narendra Modi with his supporters. This beautiful and highly flexible App is containing different segments like Groups, Forum, Tasks and Letter to Sri. Narendra Modi and provide excellent platform not only to Sri. Narendra Modi to interact with his supporters but also supporters may interact themselves to accomplish the task of Mission 272+. The volunteers can also share pics taken by them and provide election material in form of slogans using this App.

At the time of releasing this App, the party conveyed that “The Open Forum is one of the most distinctive features of the India272+ platform, which has successfully introduced the idea volunteer sourcing in electioneering. Shri Narendra Modi has been using numerous ideas given by the volunteers of India272 during his speeches in Hyderabad, Rewari and recently in Uttarakhand and Varanasi.”

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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