What is the value of the Government that cannot give you anything: Narendra Modi at Gaya

Today Shri. Narendra Modi has concluded his day long program of rallying in Bihar and Jharkhand with a massive rally at Gaya, where Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan of LJP was also present.

Shri. Narendra Modi Tweets at Gaya, Bihar:

Those sitting behind closed doors, spreading lies…I request them to please come here and see this ground

What I am seeing today is not like a usual election rally. There are people as far as I can see

You tell me who will form a government in Delhi

In the last decade was there any change in your lives? Did women safety improve

What is the value of the Government that cannot give you anything

Seeing this rally I can say that the days of Bharat Vijay are here

This land of Buddha has blood. The same land that gave message of peace to the world had blood

Sadly the Government here was not bothered about what happened in Gaya. Their sole worry is not to disturb their votebank politics

Let there be bombs, let people die but my chair must remain. This attitude has ruined Bihar and India

There should be no terrorism and terrorists must be punished but can those sitting in Delhi & Patna do this

We need to affirm that we must end terrorism

Lakhs of tourists come to Bihar, inspired by Lord Buddha. And tourism gives opportunities to the poorest of the poor

After terror attack the arrival of tourists has dropped. Who gained? Their chair is saved but poor lost opportunities

Terrorism divides but tourism unites

This is a land of integration not division. Why was blood spilled here

I want to ask something- Centre, Bihar Govt. and the person who came from jail should answer

A dam was to be built for years but for various reasons cost has shot up. Whose money is this

Dam would have helped Bihar and Jharkhand. But nothing happened. Who has done this to farmers. 800 cr spent but nothing happened

They keep talking about Rights. Nation is tired of your acts, nation needs action

They promise manufacturing sector growth by 10% but reality is different

See their track record. It has taken the nation backwards

They promised to create jobs and focus on skill development. What is their track record? Nothing has been done

When they say they will introduce anti-corruption do you believe them

Congress says they will bring back black money but do you believe them? Did you bring a Rupee back in 10 years

They said they will start rural courts. In 2009 also they promises the same. Sadly, in 5 years very few were built

Concept of fast track courts was started by Vajpayee ji. In 2011 they stopped giving money for them & now they talk fast track courts

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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