Terrorism Divides, Tourism Unites: Narendra Modi

Addressing the Finale of Manthan, organised by Citizens of Accountable Governance (CAG), Shri. Narendra Modi spoke on various topics ranging from good governance to secularism, addressing 7000 odd college students representing IITs, IIMs and other colleges.

He emphasized for the importance of openness in government’s policy formulation. He said the government of Gujarat always put policies into public domain before finalizing and this is the only reason for the success of policies as the government never has to look back since the policies are framed by the people only. He added that we are not aware of the requirement and availability of food grains in the country as there is no policy, there is no real time data.Technology go miles to provide transparency.

He said, India should feel sorry, as there are so many women who use open land for the sanitation and his mantra to come out of this situation is – first make a place of sanitation before making a place of worship.

Shri. Modi said that Tourism is a major employment generator throughout the world but in India there is no road map. We are unable to attract tourist to our country. He clearly said that – Terrorism Divides where as Tourism Unites. Tourism is the only industry which requires minimum investment and maximum potential.

This is the time for revolutionize the agriculture and we have to adopt the policy of LAB to LAND. He indicated, for this purpose complete land to be divided in three parts – 1/3 Regular Farming, 1/3 Animal Husbandry and 1/3 Agro-forestry. This approach will be useful for maximize the wealth generation for the villagers and entitled for the optimum land use.

Putting his idea of secularism, Shri. Modi explains that whatever we decides, if it is for the benefit of the country, it is greatest secularism. Justice to all, appeasement to none is the sole idea behind India First approach. Poor is poor, either he goes to Temple, Mosque or Gurudwara, every one needs a better life.

Addressing the women participants, he declared that the need of the nation is to make women economically self sufficient and provide them the power of decision making.

Finally, Shri. Narendra Modi puts the importance of voter registration. The entitlement of voting rights by new voters should be celebrated and the Election Commission of India must think of sending greetings to them on this occasion. The new voters should feel proud after being a voter. He urged all the youths to register at www.india272.com.



Author: Pavit Tripathi

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