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One more innovative option to mobilize support for Shri. Narendra Modi as PM of India is – NaMoNumber.

Measure your Contribution viaNaMoNumber.

Your NaMoNumber is the votes for NaMo that you are responsible for. The higher yourNaMoNumber, the greater your impact onNaMo’s success. Your NaMoNumber increases every time when a VoterID SMS comes in either from your mobile number (max of 5), or from a Level 1 supporter referred by you, or from a Level 2 supporter referred via your Level 1.

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We all Want Narendra Modi as next PM,So, We Have to Do More Than Just Vote, We have to Mobilise Family, Friends and Neighbours to Build the Network of NaMo Voters by Getting Every NaMo Supporter to SMS their Voter ID to 7820078200 and ask them to add your mobile number at the end..

mobileThose who SMS their VoterID will get info on their polling booth, BJP/NDA candidate, date of election and local events. And a contact in case they need any assistance in voting.

Get Out the Vote on Election Day

The NaMoNumber Dashboard page (once you login) shows you the voting date and mobile number for everyone in your network. On voting day, call and make sure every one of your network votes. Local party workers will also complement your efforts to make sure every NaMo supporter votes.

Come On! This is a life time opportunity to free our motherland from the clutches of Corruption, Lawlessness and Poverty, We all pledge to make Shri. Narendra Modi as next PM of India, who will make the country World Leader once again.


Author: Pavit Tripathi

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