I was a ‘Sevak’, I am a ‘Sevak’ and in future also remains a ‘Sevak’ : Narendra Modi at Delhi

The Delhi witnessed a different Modi today at the BJP Vikas rally organised at Japani Park, Rohini. Enthused with the large presence of supporters, Shri Narendra Modi said to his ardent supporters that – he never dreamed of becoming a ‘Shashak’ but he was a ‘Sevak’, he is a ‘Sevak’ and will remain a ‘Sevak’ throughout his life, just before concluding his hour long powerful speech.

Earlier to this, while starting his dynamic and fascinated speech, Shri Modi said that, the reason for the non-governance in Delhi is the over excess of governments here. He further elaborated that, in Delhi there is a government of mother and son to rule, one more government of mother, son and damaad above that and one another government called UPA at the center. At the time of crisis, each wants to throw the blame to each other but no one is really interested for the development and solving the common man problems.

He said, the Delhi Chief Minister has only job of cutting the ribbons as she does not have supervise the different ministries.

Attacking the Congress party he said, The Congress has stick itself with corruption and even they wish, they cannot dissociate themselves. Now the level of corruption is so huge, it cannot be counted, is now weighed in tonnes. The Congress is deeply indulge in ‘Gandhigiri’ , they are not the followers of Mahatma Gandhi but are the worshipers of Gandhiji printed on 1000 rupee note.

He also criticize the PM for declaring India a poor country in front of American president, and he said it was an insult of the youngest nation on this earth as India has 65% population below the 35 yrs age.

He further said that even the Pakistani premier has insulted Mr. Manhohan Singh specifying him as ‘dehati Aurat’ who cried in-front of US President. Shri. Modi said that Congress is responsible for this type of decline in PM stature, where any one what ever want can speak for him, as the Congress Vice-President itself has defined his government as non-sense.

Shri. Narendra Modi asked the PM to raise the issue of PoK forcefully during the meeting with Pakistani premier scheduled to be held tonight. He further said that the country will be grateful to him if he able to bring back the heads of our soldiers from Pakistan.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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