Run for Unity – The Biggest Marathon – Guinnes world record in the making

On December 15 2013, Shri. Narendra Modi will reach out to 50 crore Indians through RUN FOR UNITY, the biggest marathon organised to commemorate the 63rd punyatithi of Iron Man of India, Sardar Patel. This marathon will also cover 450 Lok Sabha constituencies out of 543. During this marathon, Shri. Narendra Modi will also start the collection of used iron tools from the farmers, which will be used to build the statue.

The program will be of two level. On 15th December, all about 50 lakhs people will run for the cause in over 1000 selected locations throughout India. Simultaneously, BJP’s workers will reach out to 1.87 lakh village sarpanches to collect and bring back farm used iron and soil, that will be used for building the statue of Sardar Patel. BJP will use specially designed boxes with tracking mechanism to collect the iron and soil. Each sarpanch will be given a letter signed by Shri. Narendra Modi in their local languages.

Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG), whose members are mainly from IITs and IIMs is also working to materialize this marathon and collection program since one year.

Shri. Narendra Modi is working very hard to make the program a grand success. During the program almost 10 lakh photographs will be clicked, which will be displayed in museum near the statue. Further villagers will also be asked to sign on a petition made of cloths, which will be used to make in a horizontal  banner of almost 80 km of length.

More details are available at and also at

Shri. Narendra Modi appeals to all of us to participate and say “the relaization of India’s true potential among the most advanced countries of the world will require full collective might of all its citizens. Sardar Patel had geographically integrated India into Ek Bharat. Now the times has come for all Indians to leverage on our diverse strength and unite as one in the cause of making Shreshtha Bharat.”

 Make history by participating as never before in history has a simultaneous run be held at so many locations at such a grand scale. Be among those who will make this unique and unprecedented event a success ! Run with the entire country with unity.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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