PM MODI Will Call You To Ask your Opinion on His Government

India’s PM, Narendra Modi is most active prime minister in making connects with the people. He always explores new ways to reach common people. His popular radio program “Man Ki Baat” is one such initiative. PM Modi is now exploring many more different ways to connect the masses. Making direct calls to the public may be the next endeavour. Very soon you can expect a call from PM Modi, where he may take your feedback about the different government schemes. Prime Minister may also seek your suggestions to improve existing schemes or introduce a new welfare scheme.

“Mann Ki Baat” – PM Modi‘s Radio Program

mann-ki-baatThe radio program “Mann ki Baat”, where Prime Minister put his views on various topics affecting the common eagerly awaited. During the program, PM also speaks about the suggestions received by him on different problems from the active audience of “Mann ki Baat”. Millions of people write their suggestions to Modi through phone, emails or other means. Any extraordinary achievements find special mention by PM. Extending his reach further and making this conversation two way, PM Modi wants to make direct calls to public.

Modi government will soon complete three years in office. PM Modi wants to know the real feedback about this government from public. He also wants to know the expectations and wishes people have from remaining period of government. Talking directly to them will generate more faith in PM Modi’s various welfare initiatives. PM has always incorporated suggestions received from the public in various schemes drawn from time to time. He is pioneer in starting to develop a mechanism to assimilate people’s ideas for various government programs.

Ministers in Modi government already been asked to establish a communication link with general public. Modi directed all his ministers to use extensively the various social media platforms. By this means, they were asked to convey the government initiative for welfare schemes to public and also respond the queries raised by the concerned.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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