In place of hurry to talk, make nation’s pride the priority : Narendra Modi at Trichy

While addressing the BJP Youth Conference at Trichy, Shri Narendra Modi asked the PM, who is schedule to meet Pakistani premier at New York, to respect the feelings of millions of Indians and respect the country pride and refrain from meeting the Pakistani PM. He asked the people, why Mr. Manmohan Singh is in hurry to have a meeting with Pakistani PM when Pakistan continues killing our soldiers and innocent people? Shri Modi reiterated that this is not he or the BJP who is demanding complete withdrawal of dialogue with Pakistan until it stop killing Indians, but it is the demand of people from Trichy, from all over India. He clearly said that  “Pradhan Mantri ji, you are in USA, the nation wants to know is the nation’s pride more important or to look nice & hurry to talk with Pakistani premier is your only priority.”

Before this he once again attacked the UPA government for the complete failure on all front, may be it the foreign policy, relations with neighboring countries, price rise, corruption or the poor infrastructure.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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