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As per latest Burson-Marsteller’s Twiplomacy study 2014, @NarendraModi twitter account is now in top four most followed Twitter accounts among world leaders with close to 5 million followers and likely to surpass the followers of@NarendraModi  @WhiteHouse soon. The study shows that @NarendraModi has 49,67,847 followers whereas @WhiteHouse has 49,76,734 followers on Twitter.

Burson-Marsteller’s Twiplomacy Study 2014, an annual global study looking at the use of Twitter by heads of government and foreign affairs ministers, reveals that the world leaders vie for attentions, connections and followers on Twitter. The study further reveals that, while some heads of states and government continue to amass large followings, foreign ministers have established a virtual diplomatic network by following each other on social media platform.

In a way, Narendra Modi may be recognize as most cherished admirer of Twitter and is pioneer in using @NarendraModi Twitter account to connect to his millions of followers and has certainly left behind his rivals in acknowledging the immense power of social media. “I am a firm believer in the power of technology and social media to communicate with people across the world”, Narendra Modi tweeted after winning 2014 general election in India. @NarendraModiAt present @NarendraModi Twitter account has 4.98 million followers, which is growing at a rapid pace.

The survey puts more light on @NarendraModi twitter account and explains that Since his election in May 2014, India’s PM Narendra Modi‘s Twitter account @NarendraModi has skyrocketed into fourth place, surpassing many top world leaders. But Modi still has a long ways to go to beat U.S. President @BarackObama, who tops the world leaders list with a colossal 43.7 million followers. Also Pope Francis @Pontifex with 14 million followers and Indonesian President Susilo bambang Yudhoyono @SBYudhoyono with more than 5 millions followers are at present ahead of Narendra Modi.

The study also puts lights on the numbers of followers under title ” Does Size Really matters?” and tells the metroric @NarendraModirise of the Indian and Indonesian presidents shows that leaders of most populous countries have a clear advantage in garnering a large army of dedicated followers. The numbers of followers of a country’s leader has even become a question of national pride.
One common thing among five most followed world leaders have that they have discovered Twitter as a powerful one-way broadcasting tool; they are only following a handful of other world leaders, if any, and are hardly conversational which is almost impossible, with their large number of followers.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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