Narendra Modi saves thousands of innocent life

India is very fortunate to get such a mindful and sensitive leader in the form of Shri. Narendra Modi, who with his non-comparable courage and super human wisdom save lives of thousands of his well wishers and supporters.

Now it is almost clear that the sole aim of the terrorist who devastated the Patna rally have come with a sinister design of creating stampede resulting to the loss of thousands of women and children. It is beyond the any imagination, if they succeeded in their ill intentions, casualties would have much more where an estimated crowd of more than 6 lacs were gathered. It could be only averted by diverting the crowd attention far from the deadly blast.

When Shri. Narendra Modi landed at Patna Airport, the blast at railway station already taken place. Upon reaching Patna, Shri. Narendra Modi advised to cancel the rally as there may be more bombs planted at the venue. During his stay at Patna airport when news came of serial blasts at the Gandhi Maidan itself, it was quite evident that the venue was not properly sanitized, and at this moment the personnel of Gujarat police once again advise Shri. Narandra Modi to withdraw the idea of   participating in the rally.

But, the only lion of India, Shri Narendra Modi confirm his participation. He said that if he cancel his program, there will be panic and the terrorist will be successful in their sinister design. Further the people who travels hundreds of kilometer to be a part of this rally, have disappointments. He understand the design of terrorists and ask all the speaker at the rally to avoid mentioning the bomb blasts during their speech and also ask them to be very brief in their speeches. He also ask to arrange several ambulances to carry the victims to the hospitals. More over, at that time there was not a surety of exact locations of bombs, and diverting the schedule program will certainly have a very disturbing effect.

In place of Shri. Narendra Modi, anyone must have run away from the event throwing lacs of people into disastrous situation.

We the Indian are very lucky to have such a mindful and caring leader, if bombs could not create gap between him and us, there is nothing, which can stop his march for proud and prosper India.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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