Narendra Modi Rally at Delhi: Celebrations Started

The Modi supporters are in the festive mood for Modiji Sunday rally at Japani Park, Rohini. The party, the BJP has made substantive arrangement to accommodate more than five lakh Modi fans at the rally ground. Since the rally ground is not so big to have a place for all the Modi supporters, the party has also arranged large screen LCD display at more than 15 places in and around Delhi to telecast the live event, stretching from Kalkaji to Laxminagar.

Delhi Metro has also made special arrangements to accommodate the large group of people approaching the rally ground, by increasing its frequency during the rally time. More people are advised to take the Metro route to avoid the traffic congestion. Delhi Police has also advised the public for either take the Metro route or use car pool to  reach the ground.

The maiden rally  at Delhi is expected to be a big crowd puller and with a slogan of “Change Delhi to Change India” BJP is sure to reap the great benefit for Delhi elections.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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