Narendra Modi Japan Visit to further enhance India-Japan ties

The coming Narendra Modi Japan visit will prove to be a booster doze in further enhancing  the traditionally strong narendra modi japan visitIndia-Japan relation. This visit is likely to be done before the budget session of parliament in India, which is going to commence from July 7. July 3-4 are considered to be probable dates for Narendra Modi japan visit, where Narendra Modi is expected to add new feathers to India- Japan strategic and global partnership.

The personal relations between Narendra Modi and Japani Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is very warm, as they are connected on social networking site Twitter. Japan’s Prime Minister has more than 3 lakh followers, but he follows only three on Twitter and India’s PM Narendra Modi is one of them.

During July 2012, in the capacity of Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi visited Japan and have a fruitful meeting with top businessman and ministers. Narendra Modi Japan visit at that time was unique in a sense that, Japan first time invited a state leader to enhance the business ties. Japan has a good investment in the state of Gujarat and is a partner in unearthing the development potential.

Economic, trade and investments is likely to be focus point during Narendra Modi Japan visit, as India needs Japan’s expertise and technology for its infrastructure mega projects. As Narendra Modi is putting much emphasis on manufacturing sector, big investment announcement in this sector is also expected.

Apart from business concern, the ever increasing Chinese influence in Asia is also likely to be discussed on priority basis, as both India and Japan wants to control the dragon’s assertive and aggressive diplomacy.

To making the 21st century, Asia’s century, Narendra Modi Japan visit will prove to be milestone as both the countries after combining their respective strength and wisdom, create wonders for themselves and brightest opportunity is knocking the door.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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