Narendra Modi is Richard Nixon of India – Jairam Ramesh

Praising Narendra Modi is the latest trend in the Congress. After Shashi Tharoor, admiring the statesmanship of Narendra Modi, senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has called that – Narendra Modi is Richard Nixon of India. He elaborate further that ” Mr Modi in many ways is like Mr. Nixon who opened China to America. Modi could become India’s Nixon when it comes to China or Pakistan.”Narendra Modi is Richard Nixon of India

It seems Jairam Ramesh got impressed with the initiatives taken by Narendra Modi in augmenting India’s sphere of influence in Asia. Narendra Modi has invited the leaders of SAARC nations for his oath taking ceremony and chosen Bhutan as his preference for first foreign visit. (Narendra Modi’s First Foreign Visit to Friendly Country – Bhutan). Also, during the first week of July, his Japan visit is scheduled. The sum point of all these initiatives is to control the dragon’s aggressive and assertive diplomacy. There is always a possibility of scaling heights in bilateral co-operation, keeping the national interest intact. Narendra Modi policy for China and Pakistan moves in this direction only. Jairam Ramesh, a seasoned politician is quite surprise by these moves and sees a clear contradictions in this. ” had Dr Manmohan Singh has done something pragmatic, BJP would have pounced on him. Whether it is real Modi or a tactical Modi frankly we do not know”- Ramesh said.

Earlier too, Jairam Ramesh candidly accepted the extra-ordinary aggressive campaigning by Narendra Modi in the run up of the Lok Sabha election. While accepting the defeat faced by Congress, Jairam Ramesh told – ” Narendra Modi has changed the nature of campaigning in India. The Congress is definitely not prepared for this. We were out-campaigned, out-manoeuvred, out-funded and out-spent by Modi.”

So, this change in perception is gradual in the minds of old seasoned Congress leaders. Jairam Ramesh in particular feel that Narendra Modi has extra flexibility in dealing the bilateral relations with China and Pakistan so he rightly said that – Narendra Modi is Richard Nixon of India.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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