Narendra Modi – Ideas

Here is a illustrative glimpse of Shri. Narendra Modi – ideas. These ideas are always well conceived and widely propagated by all of us.

P2G2: Pro-people, good governance

Pitching for the role of ‘good governance’, Modi said that the people of the country have sunk into an overwhelming state of pessimism.Even after six decades of freedom, the nation awaits good governance.

The glass is always full!narendra modi - ideas

Picking up a glass of water, he said an optimist would say the glass is half full, while a pessimist would say it is half empty. “I have a third point of view. For me the glass is always full — half with water and half with air. We can turn over the situation,” he said.

Minimum Government, Maximum Governance

Minimum government, maximum governance – this is my philosophy. “This nation is being ruined by vote bank politics. This nation requires development politics. If we switch to politics of development, we will soon be in a position to bring about lasting change and progress,” Modi said. “People feel nothing would change here. All are thieves, everything they do is waste. People consider it a curse to be born in India. They want to leave the country soon after completing their studies,” Modi said .

“Congress” is synanimous of “Commission”

He has compared Congress as Commission Party, where every one is engaged in accepting commission freely irrespective of what a position he holds. He also said that the Congress has spread like termites in the country; it is very difficult to get rid of termites. Only one medicine would work, and that is the sweat of the worker of the BJP

Putting India First….always

On Secularism – “Secularism is a term interpreted in many different ways by different people. For me, it has always been narendra modi - ideassomething very simple – putting India First …When we look after India’s interests, the interests of every Indian are automatically cared for,” he always prefer to say

” I don’t want to be anything. But I want to do something”

“Before I became a chief minister I never thought that one day I’d be the chief minister. My basic philosophy is, I don’t want to be anything. But I want to do something. So I’m not interested in becoming anything, but I am interested in doing something for my country and for the poor people.”