Narendra Modi can convert losses to wins and wins to landslides

The fresh investigations into results of Assembly Elections 2013 confirms that Shri. Narendra Modi is a force to reckon with in Indian politics and perhaps the only politician at this moment, who can convert losses  to wins and wins to landslides.

After taking charge of BJP‘s campaign for Assembly Elections, Shri Narendra Modi has changed the game completely in favour of BJP by posting amazing victory in all the four states.

At the announcement of Assembly Elections, the general predictions were similar to the results declared, but even the insiders were little bit hesitant in acknowledging this. Out of these four states, BJP was most confident about the favorable outcome of Rajasthan elections and claimed to form the government under the leadership of Smt. Vasundhara Raje. In 2008, there was a gap of only 17 seats between Congress and BJP, where as Congress with 37% votes was comfortably above to 34% votes polled to BJP. During recent elections, this gap of 3% widens to 15%, which nearly routed the Congress in Rajasthan. That was clearly the Modi effect due to which BJP cornered more than 80% of the seats with 48% of votes polled. The myth that the crowd in Modiji rally would not convert into votes, busted beautifully. Strong public presence were seen in all the rallies addressed by Shri Narendra Modi during his campaign in Rajasthan.

Similar was the case with M.P. also. Analyst was little hesitant in declaring Shivraj as clear winner. The situation was worsen, when Congress projected Jyotiraditya Scindia as compaign head. The factor of double incumbency was also putting its waits in favour of Congress. Even BJP insiders are hopeful of getting a simple majority by bagging 125-128 seats. The Modi magic worked here too. The BJP scored 165 wresting 22 more seats from Congress. Here also Shri Narendra Modi was able to convert simple victory to big one.

After the massacre of Congress leaders in Chattisgarh, the sympathy wave was sure to knock the BJP heavily. Traditionally also there was a minor gap between the votes polled to Congress and BJP. Dr. Raman Singh had virtually accepted the defeat as the strong fort of BJP, the Bastar area was sure to favour Congress party due to sympathy wave. This loss could not  be compensated from any other area. Perhaps this was the reason, Shri. Narendra Modi devoted his maximum energy in Chattisgarh and due to that he able to turn losses into wins for BJP. It was only Modi effect, due to which the BJP not only minimizes the effect of sympathy wave in baster region but also wrested some crucial ground in plains.

In case of Delhi too, the dark horse, the Aam Aadmi Party has done much damage in votes polled to BJP and Congress. If BJP was able to minimize the loss in its votes and emerge as single largest party, was only due to charismatic presence of Shri. Narendra Modi in polls arena.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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