Narendra Modi at FIFA World Cup Final at Brazil?

An invitation has been received from Brazil President Dilma Rousseff and Narendra Modi at FIFA World Cup may be a reality, if reports published in leading newspaper, The Economic Times is to believe. The final of FIFA World Cup is scheduled at July 13th. Coinciding with the World Cup Final is also the BRICS summit between July 15 to 17, where Narendra Modi is scheduled to attend.narendra modi at fifa world cup

The BRICS summit was earlier to be held in the month of March, but as the Chinese President Xi Jingping, a big fan of soccar wants to watch the final of FIFA World Cup, had put a request for reschedulement of summit around the time of finals. Russian President Bladimir Putin and South African Jacob Zuma who are attending the BRICS summit will also be among audience with Chinese President Xi Jingping.

Narendra Modi also have a great interest in sports and at the time of release of commemorative stamps for FIFA World Cup on the day, the game started, he said that parents should encourage their children for give equal time for sports along with study. At this time only he coined the term, ” Jo Khele, Wo Hi Khile” ( who plays well, grow well ). He further said sports is vital for the well groomed development of the younger children. Further, after getting favorable indications from Narendra Modi, the Indian Olympic Association is also mulling an option to bid for 2019 Asian Games.

This is likely to be a great meeting place for BRICS nations and the attendance of Narendra Modi at FIFA World Cup final will enhance the cooperation among them further.


Author: Pavit Tripathi

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