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India is evolving and it is evolving very fast under the able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. To bring India in line of the developed nationsNarendra Modi has embarked upon many new initiative and creating a super think tank for sustainable and inclusive growth replacing the old fragile structure named Planning Commission is being taken in that direction only. The New Planning Commission is shaping up and Narendra Modi wants the participation of every citizen in creating this body. We all Indians are fortunate that we have a opportunity to perform our national duty.

new-planning-commissionIn his Independence Day speech, Narendra Modi put curtain on existing Planning Commission and announced that a new body will be created which believe in co-operative federalism and will be team of center and states. Inviting all citizens to contribute their best for this purpose, Narendra Modi tweeted “Inviting you to share your ideas on what shape the new institution to replace the Planning Commission can take”.new-planning-commission

All who want to contribute their ideas towards thr New Planning Commision has to post their ideas at, again a inclusive platform provided by narendra Modi for participatory democracy. To post your idea at, first you have to sign up with this website, which will be done simple steps. After activation of your account, you will be guided properly to show your interest group/activites which you can undertake to serve this great nation. You also find the ongoing contest and participate in group discussions with others on many different subjects.

The ideas started pouring from members in regard of New Planning Commission as soon as it got declared. Some of the ideas, the tagline and proposed logo by the members, we are putting here for your inspiration.

It is a proud moment for all of us and we must express our belonging by participating in this initiative. Let us join this mass movement towards Surajya, realise the hopes and aspirations of the people and take India to greater heights.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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