Modi Sarkar completes 30 days

Today is a special day in the history of India for two reasons – firstly, today Modi Sarkar completes 30 days in office and secondly, the day of 26 June also memorize the cruelty of Emegency during Congress party rule.

The first thirty days period is never been an yardstick to evaluate the performance of a newly elected government inmodi sarkar India, but since the making of Modi Sarkar is not only a result of electoral victory but also a culmination of upsurges in minds of millions of Indians for a strong and vibrant India. This is the reason for this early evaluation of Modi Sarkar.

This is the first time that an opposition party has made a government in India with a absolute majority. On this occasion Narendra Modi appreciates the support and affection received from people and said that this support will further inspire him to work even harder for welfare of country and countrymen. While writing in his blog titled “A few thoughts as we complete a month in office”, Narendra Modi writes – “67 years of previous government is noting in compared to 1 month but I do want to say that, in the last month, our entire team has devoted every single moment for the welfare of the people. Every decision we took has been guided solely by national interest”.

Narendra Modi further give details of the work done for put India back on the path of development by creating an atmosphere of co-operation between center and states and also between government and public, during this one month period of Modi Sarkar.

He put his promised commitments for the growth of India and pledge that ” Today is also a day to reaffirm our pledge to safeguard these values and at the same time create strong institutions through good governance so that that we never ever see those dark days again.

This is also true that this Modi Sarkar has comes in fifth gear as soon as it took the oath and the so-called honeymoon period enjoyed by the earlier governments are never meant for Modi Sarkar.

Please click here to read the entire blog written by Narendra Modi on completion of 30 days in office.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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