Modi at Rewari : the people felt listening like a PM speech

Addressing a mammoth rally after being declared as BJP’s PM candidate, Mr. Narendra Modi offer gratitude to the army men and said he felt proud to be present at this land of martyrdom. The featured points of his speech are as such:

__ the life of a army man is greater than the life of a saint.

__ he is well aware of the Haryana, which gets the blessings of Swami Dayanad, as he frequently participating in rallies organised by Mr. Vajpayee. He also said that the Haryana is very close to his heart.

__ i never seen such a huge crowd at any rally, this is the beyond the capture capacity of any camera.

__ the country is proud of his servicemen as they not only save this country from external attack but also save citizens in natural clematises.

__ the proxy war is more dangerous than the real war and this is the time to develop a mandate against all form of terrorism.

__ During the Vajpayee’s regime India was able to sidelines the countries supporting terrorism.

__ terrorism is dangerous to humanity, there should never be a selective approach in dealing it.

__ he warns Pakistan to concentrate on reducing poverty and illiteracy otherwise the country will be doomed.

__ he also warns the politicians to avoid the vote bank politics as this has destroyed the society in this country and asked the political class to learn secularism from the army.

__ if India have to be strengthen, a strong leader, a strong government and a strong army is required.

__ the respect and dignity of an ex-army man should be uphold and he demanded a white paper on one rank – one pension issue from the government.

__ there always a much respect for army uniform and the ex-servicemen can be employed for various productive works.

__ the country should be self sufficient to fulfill the need of the army and India must be an arms exporter not an importer.

__ he appeals to the young voters to celebrate their voting right towards making this country prosper and to provide a strong government at Delhi and also appeals to the ex-servicemen to help these new young voters for enrollment.


Author: Md Imtiaz

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