Maoists must not have the gun in their hands but they must have agriculture tools & pens so they can serve: Narendra Modi

Shri. Narendra Modi is addressing four rallies in Jharkhand and Bihar, approaching the people of undivided Bihar and expected to spellbound public with his super oratory power.

The followings are the Tweets from Shri. Narendra Modi during Rally at Lohardaga, Jharkhand:

_This Election is for the 16th Lok Sabha, in the year in 2014 and for 14 seats of Jharkhand. Lotus must shine on all 14 seats here

_This is a land of the brave. This is a land of people who have devoted themselves for others be it 1857 or any other era

_Maoists have challenged democracy & told people not to come. But the rally shows how democracy prevails over the gun

_From 16th May a new era of India’s development will begin

_Mahatma Gandhi gave message of non-violence. But youngsters inspired by Maoism have taken the gun & are spilling blood on streets

_Our land needs the colour of progress not the colour of blood. Let these lands become green due to work of farmers

_Maoists must not have the gun in their hands but they must have agriculture tools & pens so they can serve others

_Raasta Kalam, Hal Aur Pasine ka Hai, Khoon Ka Nahi

_So many Congress governments came but they never bothered about Jharkhand. But now that its formed see politics they play

_Do not forget Pandit Nehru mocked the idea of creation of Jharkhand. It was Atal ji who gave us Jharkhand

_Some leaders sitting in Bihar said Jharkhand will be formed over my dead body. Where are they now

_Congress did not bother for Adivasi communities. Till 2000, a new ministry was not made for development of tribal communities

_If there is any party that can serve the Adivasi communities it is the BJP. We have made schemes for their development

_We have seen Karia Munda ji serve as Deputy Speaker. He is a friend. Talking to him has always been inspiring

_This is a very prosperous land. Give the farmers water and see what wonders they can do

_Some leaders & parties think natural resources have immense opportunity for corruption. They did not even spare coal

_From experience I can say that we can make our nation corruption free. Only promises wont help…Irade Nek Hone Chahiye

_We heard all kinds of taxes but there was a Jayanti Tax in Delhi- it was a tax for environment clearances

_We introduced reforms in mining sector in Gujarat, introduced technology, we did satellite mapping

_GOI awarded us for our efforts & wrote about MAGIC initiative to other state governments also

_I appeal to EC- you take affidavits from candidates. Make rules – how many promises by Govts in manifestos were fulfilled

After this rally , Shri. Narendra Modi is heading towards Chatra, Jharkhand where he is schedule to speak at around 1.30 PM.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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