Let Us Empower Every Indian to Break Free from the Chains of Poverty: Narendra Modi

Sri. Narendra Modi greets all his brothers and sisters across India on the auspicious occasion of 65th Republic day. He Writes – Republic day is a day of national strength & self confidence. IT is a day to celebrate our history & look ahead to create a prosperous India.


Sri. Narendra Modi further tweeted – We have faith in our nation, our people & our culture. Together, let us build a nation that once again defines the story of humankind.

Sri. Modi also took a pledge to bring back the old golden days and said – Let us pledge to harness dreams, not dependency. Let us empower every Indian to break free from the chains of poverty. Let us devote ourselves to the cause of nation building, guided by Mantra of ‘India First’.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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