High Turnout in 3rd Phase Indicating Nation Favours Narendra Modi

During the 3rd phase of general election 2014, sharply high turnout in comparison to 2009 general election, reflects a strong narendra modiperception towards change in current national leadership and is a endorsement for strong and vibrant leader Shri. Narendra Modi, who is also PM candidate from opposition NDA. Almost double digit growth in turnout comparison to 2009 polls, is also considered a result of presidential-style campaign, where only Shri. Narendra Modi is seen. This is also an endorsement of the fact that even before polls, people of India has given the verdict and accepted Shri. Narendra Modi as its PM.

During this 3rd phase which concluded on 10th April, highest voters turnout seen at Chandigarh, which is almost 74%. This is followed by Kerala 73%, Odisha 67%, Haryana 65%, UP 65%, Delhi 64%, Jharkhand 58% and Bihar 54%( as per the data released by Election Commission of India). The net increase in voters turnout was maximum of 14% in UP, 13% in Delhi and on lower side almost 8% in Bihar and 6% in Jharkhand.

This heavy increased turnout signifies some sure things – there is a anti-Congress wave in the country, people are fed up with hollow promises made by either Congress or AAP, people wants certain and definite solutions to their problems, the age old barrier of caste and creed is no more effective and people of India wants to give decisive mandate for a strong and responsible government under the leadership of Shri. Narendra Modi, a man who dare to dream for the upliftment of millions of poor Indian and dedicated his entire life for this cause.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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