Emergence of AAP – Advantage BJP

The recently passed Assembly Elections are unique in many ways. These elections are able to broken the media ‘myth’ that there is no ‘Modi Wave’ in this country. The resounding victory by BJP with increased vote share and improved margins has put a finger on the mouth of Narendra Modi critics.

One more visible thing during these elections is the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party. Due to this phenomenon, Modi critics could able to amuse themselves and continued with the Modi bashing. Their arguments of AAP getting support among urban middle class is only self-satisfactory.

Most of Indians, who support Sri Narendra Modi and consider him the only crusader against the non-governance of Congress and their Allies are have a different point of view. We consider the emergence of AAP, a clear advantage of BJP and Sri. Narendra Modi. As we know, during an internal survey conducted by the AAP, it was clear that almost 40% of AAP supporters want to see Sri. Narendra Modi as next PM of India. This fact was revealed by Mr. Yogendra Yadav of AAP itself.

Further, there was always a tactical support provided to the movement of Sri. Anna Hazare and Sri. Arvind Kejriwal by RSS. The volunteers working with AAP during the Delhi Assembly Elections were mostly out-sourced and a majority were from RSS. In any way out-sourced volunteers are always less effective in comparison to In-house volunteers of BJP and RSS. But, at the same time, this Delhi experiment has once again proved the superiority of door-to-door campaign envisaged by the RSS and in some sense it will ignite the dormant in-house volunteers of BJP to a large extent.

During these elections, AAP has accidentally shown a way to parting most secured Congress votes, which was very much outside the reach of  BJP till now. AAP has shown that with persistent pursuance even core vote of Congress can be taken away. This lesson is the most valuable for evolving a winning strategy by BJP and upon implementing this BJP must hope to increase its vote share among core Congress supporters.

Now, it is almost clear that the emergence of AAP is going to benefit BJP in many ways, but at the same time BJP has to work more harder and has to target its campaign not only against the Congress but also against its allies, some old one like SP, BSP, RJD & NCP and some new found allies like JDU and AAP.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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