Dilemma in Mind of U R Ananthamurthy : better ignore him

India wants to know the level of acceptance which Mr. U R Ananthamurthy enjoying with the present situations, is he in the favour of supporting a regime which is sole reason for the plights the India is facing?

In his own word – UPA government is corrupt and should be punished but not at the cost of electing Mr. Modi. So as per his view, India should select the UPA once again and expose itself for more troubles. It seems the corruption and price rise are not a subject of concern for the Jnanpith Awardee.

He not want to live in the country if Mr. Modi got elected as PM in 2014. So he must readies himself for exile as the country has already chosen Mr. Modi as next PM. As, a common citizen, can not afford this corrupt and insincere government any more. Apart from good governance, this government has delivered others catastrophic things promptly and created a record of corruption and malpractices.

A common Indian cannot afford to live in this country under this terrible UPA government, and waiting eagerly the day, when the country crown Mr. Modi as PM. Like Mr . U R Ananthamurthy, we Indians are not having any dilemma in our minds, and have a hope for the one or two people like Mr.  U R Ananthamurthy will also fall in line. We prey for him to “Get Well Soon”.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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