Developement is only solution to the problem, India facing: Narendra Modi at Jammu

 Shri. Narendra Modi, NDA PM nominee for 2014 election, today started his mission 272+ campaign with blessings from Vaishno Mata at Jammu and address his first rally among schedule 185 rallies in coming days.

Shri. Narendra Modi Tweets follows:

__There is no solution to the problems of the people except development: Narendra Modi in Hiranagar
__When I say give jobs to youth they say secularism is under threat. When I say reduce prices they say first secularism please

__When I say lets talk about ending terrorism and taking care of farmers they say no no lets talk secularism first

__Those who have no answers to the people for their misdeeds cannot mislead the nation on issue of ‘secularism’. We want brotherhood

__For what we want to do, we need to work for 18 hours, wipe tears of the poor. Congress doesn’t have the courage to walk on this path

__For how long will you tolerate this family & dynastic politics? Generations ruled but what did you get

__In a democracy, dynasty politics is wrong. We need to free the state and nation from it

__Shastri ji said JAI JAWAN, JAI KISAN. But soldiers are being beheaded. Why is this happening

__Is your Jai Jawan about young children having their fathers who are serving the nation snatched away

__I think new slogan of UPA is MAR JAWAN, MAR KISAN. Farmers and soldiers are getting killed: Narendra Modi in J&K

__How many Pandits had to leave their homes: Narendra Modi in J&K

__Nation is tired of mere promises: Narendra Modi in J&K

__There are 3 people who are being praised in Pakistan– they are 3 AKs- AK 47, AK Antony & AK 49

__This AK 49 just gave birth to a new party & on his party official website the map shows Kashmir is given to Kashmir

__One of AK 49’s close aide says there must be referendum of Kashmir and Pakistan is jumping in joy

 __I think AK is becoming very lucky for Pakistan and we need to recognise them

__I am not asking for 60 months to sit and enjoy power but as a Chowkidaar. Enough of this loot in the nation

__Why has Prevention of Corruption Act not been implemented here. They shout about Lokpal but here? Truth is their hands are black

__Atal ji ignited hope among the people of Kashmir. Had he got more time things would have changed in J&K

__We need to think was the thought of SP Mookerjee right or that of Sheikh Abdulla

__Their crown prince says Congress is a ‘sock’ but in reality the Congress is thinking- how can a tea seller reach here

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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