Congress’s games of secularism are over now: Narendra Modi

Addressing a mammoth rally at Ghaziabad, UP Shri. Narendra Modi seek support for NDA candidate Gen. V K Singh and lambasted heavily on Smt. Sonia Gandhi on appealing her a special community for vote.

Followings are the tweets from his hour long speech:

_Congress is making every effort to communalize  the election. They are getting worried

_For months I am travelling the country to change India‘s future, women security but they have no answers on these issues

_I demand an answer on price rise but they ask what about secularism. When I ask on jobs, they give the same answer

_I say give water to farmers but they say first talk secularism. I want to ask you, aren’t the issues I raise important

_Congress is worried about giving answers thats why only saying one thing- secularism, secularism

_Congress is worried because all they have is 40 years of the same thing. They never thought a tea seller would seek answers from them

_Congress never thought that a son of a poor man will ask them on how they fooled the nation

_Their games of secularism are over now. People have understood them

_Congress is defeated. So now from ‘secularism’ they have moved to open communalism

_What Congress President said, I urge the EC…to eek votes on basis of religion is against the laws of this nation

_Suo motto action must be taken. You tell me is it proper to appeal like this on religious grounds

_Don’t give empty slogans and then divide brothers. Sadly this has been the Congress tradition

_We are not the people who are desperate for power. We are driven by patriotic virtues. Ramesh ji rejected Congress ticket

_A friend in Congress keeps talking about secularism. Today let me define what real secularism is

_For Congress secularism is an election slogan. For us its- every one is ours. For Congress secularism is votebank politics

_Congress secularism is divide and rule. We say unite, integrate and work for the nation

_For Congress secularism is religion first but for us it is India First. It is an article of faith for us

_Sonia ji has made the mistake of trying to mislead and divide the nation. People will never forgive this kind of politics

_Why is it that farmers are committing suicide? Why are they being forced to end their lives

_We focussed on animal husbandry in Gujarat and the results have been vey positive. It is helping farmers

_People enjoy non-vegetartian food but due to Pink Revolution & export policies, people in India get meat at higher rates

_In the name of pink revolution our villages are getting ruined, farmers are getting ruined

_Change is needed in the nation. We have to create a better India for our future generations

_UP is going to have a big say in forming the next Government of India. We need maximum Lotuses from UP

_Our neighbours keep troubling us. What is reason? Because the Central Government is very weak


Author: Pavit Tripathi

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