Congress Free Bharat; Because India Matters, Because Indian Matters

page2-img3There is a point from that any stretch is not possible, but if we keep trying, thats breaks completely. On similar lines the Congress party has brought this great country on breaking point, and the countrymen never agreed to witness that doom.After ruling this country for almost 55 years since independence, if you are taking the help of modified formulae to show the reduced level of poverty among your countrymen, its only reflects the shamelessness in you. The congress party embraces itself to double speak. The leaders establish poverty as the state of individual mind, whereas your commanders define it in cheap monetary boundaries of few penny rupee.

The Congress party in a way has completely inherited the British. The party functions completely in line with the principals adopted from British. Like British, they also make their stategy thinking that the people have short lived memory and whats ends good is done good. They have very much clear views on their support base, and they feels to strengthen themselves by just appeasing them. The congress party have created many groups and sub-groups and keep flourshing them for their political motives.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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