Not only Congress, even their allies need to be defeated: Narendra Modi at Kanpur rally

Narendra Modi at his maiden rally in Kanpur ask the people to punish those who forgot their election promises, referring to PM Manmohan Singh’s promise of reducing the price rise in two days if comes to power. He said not only the Congress party but also their allied needs to be defeated as their arrogance is on 7th sky. He added, Price rise is troubling so much but the saddest part is that neither PM, Soniya ji nor Rahul Gandhi even once express their regret in controlling this, on the other side he is saying – poverty is not a real thing, it is only a state of mind. The persons born with golden spoon can not understand poverty and to see the poverty they carry camera persons along them to the houses of poor.He asked the mammoth gathering – the difficulties you faced, do you want your children to face them too or you want to give them a good life.

The government is for poor and it is the job of the government to look after the poor. Is these people are good for poor? Narendra Modi asked as they are busy in defining the poverty level, not inclined to their welfare. They also make jokes on poor and said that you can get full meal in Rs.5 or 12.He said, he born in poverty, he lived in poverty and he said it pins if some one making joke on poverty.
Modi attacked the Congress party for the arrogance shown by it. he advised that the country should not take care to them if they are not taking care of people. He sharpens his attack further on Congress party and said the in the Congress DNA, bloods and thoughts are of divisive mentality. Initially they divided nation, then parties, then people on caste and religion lines and now they are dividing the nation for their cheap political gains.For the growth of this nation, it should be integrated not divided.

Narendra Modi also lambasted the Congress for its role in corruption.He said not only files are lost, the entire government is lost as their is no trace of any government. One government official is saying if he is guilty,the PM is guilty too. Have you seen any such government in entire word? he asked the public.

He reminded the Congress party and its allies that nation wants an answer from them on corruption. He explained the public that along with Congress party, the two regional parties in UP are also responsible for the plight, people are facing. Unlike the trinity of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati which are a matter of pride for UP, the trinity of Congress, SP and BSP has maligned this holy land. Modi once again appealed to take revenge from this trinity.

Shri Narendra Modi explained how the vote bank politics has done bad for this nation.He warned that the country should not sacrifice the security for the sake of vote bank politics. he said this vote bank politics is the only reason for this poor state of UP. He appealed to the people to support him in the name of the development.
At first he thanked the people of Kanpur for their massive support, it seems that Narendra Modi‘s first maiden rally will pave the way for the BJP to return to power at center.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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