Assembly Elections Results: It’s a pro-modi, anti-“स,ब,का” votes

The last unfulfilled wish of Bapu is seems to be culminating in these assembly elections. Not only Sri. Narendra Modi is trying very hard to accomplish his wish, but also Congress is falling in line. The wish of “Congress-Mukt Bharat” is now within the visibility of common man, which suffered a lot due to irrelevant and  arrogant behavior of grand old corrupt party.

The landslide victory in Rajasthan, the handsome comeback in M.P and diluting the effect of sympathy wave in Chattisgarh are all indicating the same way. The momentum shown by BJP, led by Sri. Narendra Modi is certain to end the misrule of Congress government from entire country.

From the result, it is also clear that it is not only a pro-Modi wave but simultaneously a  anti-“स,ब,का” votes. The feeling of Congress and its like minded party that people of India has a short memory, will hit them very hard. Apart from Congress, these parties are also responsible to let continue this most corrupt and insensitive government at center. SP, BSP, JDU, NCP and IML are partners with Congress in depriving people of India a sensible government and in many ways culpability of these parties are not lesser than Congress.

The emphatic victory shown by BJP, led by Sri. Narendra Modi and a complete rout of Congress, led by immature Shri. Rahul Gandhi will further boost the sentiment of common man and encourage them to corner the grand old party in forthcoming 2014 election.

Author: Pavit Tripathi

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