Is 1977 repeating itself in 2014 ?

We can draw few similarities between 2014 elections and 1977 elections, and these similarities certainly reveals some very interesting facts:

First of all, 2014 is numerically resembling to 1977. Please see this
1977 = 1+9,7+7 = 2014

Another and most evident similarities is the ground swell against the corrupt congress regime. At present the mood of the nation is to uproot the congress government at any cost, similar to the nationwide agitation we witnessed during the 1977.

We also see a similarity between the leader who is spearheading this movement, During 1977, Sri Morarji Desai, a Gujarati vowed to end the congress misrule and this time also, Sri Narendra Modi, once again a Gujarati is doing all out attempt to uproot this congress lead UPA government with a slogan of “congress mukt bharat”.


Author: Pavit Tripathi

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